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How I learned to stop worrying and love MISRA

MISRA C++2008 is a collection of coding rules aimed at safety-critical software. It is used in many places, and is prominent in the automotive sector. 

As a developer of a static analysis software, I have created tools that can automatically validate if some code is MISRA-compliant. And I hated it. Those rules seemed to go against everything that I knew and loved about C++. A few years ago, I learned that MISRA was working on an updated version of its standard, and instead of remaining on the side, grumpily criticizing the new release, I decided to join this group. 

In this talk, I will tell of my journey, and how part of what I hated in MISRA was indeed due to some misunderstanding about what MISRA really is and really means.


Loïc is a C++ coder, speaker, teacher and expert. He represents France on the ISO C++ standardization committee and is also a member of the committee drafting the next version of the MISRA C++ standard for safety-critical systems. 

In addition to developing in C++, he has a special interest in teaching it and spreading good practices across the community. He is a frequent speaker at meetups and conferences and teaches at Telecom SudParis. Since he joined SonarSource in 2018, he has worked on static analysis for C++, both specifying rules to help other developers and having the fun of implementing them.

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