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Cross-Platform Development with CMake

CMake is an open source, cross-platform, build system generator which supports portable C++ development. CMake has been downloaded over 9M times and is becoming the standard for building C++ applications. In this talk we'll present the main features of CMake and how it can help you write a better and more maintainable build system. We will also tackle how CMake can help with package management as well as testing infrastructure. 

If you are already familiar with CMake, this talk will present new features we are implementing in CMake and how it can be useful for your every day development.


Julien Jomier is the Director of Commercial Solutions at Kitware. Julien leads the team behind CMake and regularly teaches courses on CMake. He was the main architect of CDash, an open-source, distributed, software quality system companion of CMake and CTest. 

As an initial developer of the Insight Toolkit (ITK), Julien manages the developments of scientific and industrial applications at Kitware.

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