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Performance is not (only) about micro-optimizations!

One of the main reasons people chose C++ is because it lets you write performant applications. It is used in time-critical software, games, finance, embedded platforms, which all need performance. But what exactly are we talking about when we ask for performance? In this talk we will try to answer this question and show you that micro-optimizations and hardware knowledge are not the only way to make big savings.Before diving into the basics of optimization, we will talk about the common pitfalls in performance analysis and measurement. You will be provided with tools and methods so that you can start squeezing performance out of your applications.


Clément works at siliceum, a company he co-founded, where he helps his clients to reach their performance goals. Previously working in the games and embedded industries, he acquired hands-on knowledge on optimizations while releasing titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. With more than 8 years of a love-hate relationship with C++ and no fear of legacy code-bases, he also likes reverse-engineering old games in his spare-time.

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