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Parameterized testing with GTest

At this talk, you will learn about how to keep your unit tests short, expressive and maintainable by using parameterized tests from the GTest library. First, we are going to cover why unit test code is as important as production code. Then, I'm going to show how we can make our tests less repetitive with different techniques. We are going to cover in detail, how to use parameterized tests and what are the pitfalls to avoid. Before concluding, I'll briefly cover what other libraries support the same feature.

2. Sandor DARGO

Sandor is a passionate software craftsman focusing on reducing the maintenance costs by developing, applying and enforcing clean code standards. His other core activity is knowledge sharing both oral and written, within and outside of his employer. When not reading or writing, he spends most of his free time with his two children and his wife baking at home or travelling to new places.

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