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Why you should move your legacy code to smart pointers.

When working on legacy code, one often face the tricky question "when to move legacy code to modern features of C++". Changing "working" production to use smart pointer is usually seen as risky and have low return over investment. This talk aims to explain why the right moment to move you legacy code to smart pointers is now. Target audience are people trapped in legacy code and looking got methods and example to convince themselves and co-workers to move to smart-pointers.

2. Sébastien GONZALVE

Sébastien worked during 7 years in virtual storage industry on distributed systems before joining the embedded industry working 5 years on phones middleware and HAL. Since 2017, he works for an automotive manufacturer at implementing vehicle to infrastructure communications (V2X) and board-to-cloud middleware. He is a clean code and open source enthusiast.

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