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Sandbox Games: Using WebAssembly and C++ to make a simple game

WebAssembly is an interesting environment, especially for C++ programmers. With tools like Emscripten becoming better and better and game development libraries starting to add support for WebAssembly it is worth taking a look into this world. 

We will go over what WebAssembly is, how a development environment might look like and then make a simple game that will run in the browser using C++. While making the game we will hit a few hurdles that are unique to WebAssembly and see how they can be overcome. 

After this talk, you should have a good overview of WebAssembly and it can be used. This talk targets intermediate to advanced C++ programmers and no experience of game development is required.

Ólafur WAAGE

Ólafur Waage is a Senior Software Developer at TurtleSec, he has worked previously in the Gaming and Air Traffic Control industries. In his spare time he unsurprisingly likes video games and puzzles. Also enjoys non fiction audio books and it would be a very strange day if it were not filled with music in some way.

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